Day 25: Sorry Everyone

I cannot write a lengthy post tonight because I have been slightly distracted today.  One year ago tonight I went out on a first date with a charming, funny and interesting guy whom I then proceeded to date for the last year.  Today when I came home from church, I was greeted with a fleet of lit candles, a favorite Trevor Hall song shared by my boyfriend and I, and poetry excerpts (all properly cited) taped to my walls.  Not only that, but Ben had gone through old Facebook messages from the last year and transcribed his own on to paper and posted those as well with the dates.  He was waiting in my kitchen with the ring pictured in the upper left-hand corner of this post.  I cried the whole time but managed a “yes” somewhere in there, at least I think so, because I was wearing the ring moments later.      That being said, it’s not a great night for a post since I’ll end up with something utterly sentimental and will also probably cry again.  Thankful beyond words for the goodness of a gracious God and the love of a man I respect and admire with all of my heart.  I have much more than I could ever deserve.

I shall return to my regularly scheduled blogs tomorrow.  Rest assured 🙂


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