Day 26: Reflecting on Nearing the End

Today marks my twenty-sixth blog in my 30-Day challenge. I would say that I have learned a great deal about writing and reflection in the process of writing and reflecting.  At the risk of sounding like I’m doing a filler blog, I would like to share some of these insights.

The first thing I noticed while reflecting and writing over the last few weeks is how when a hobby becomes an obligation, it does tend to lose just a little bit of its pleasure.  Writing, when inspired, is wonderful, and writing, when forced, is painful.  Bad movies are the same way, especially since bad movies are the product of bad writing.  Bad acting is also painful, which contributes to the point I’m trying to make,  Effortless things are effortlessly enjoyable.  When you have to work, it ceases to be fun.  This is why I never pursued music as an educational pursuit.  Even at the tender age of 18 I knew that there was a difference between a career and a hobby and which one would be the best bet for me. (Never mind the fact that I’m not teaching right now).  If you have any doubt about how difficult and sometimes painful writing is, consider the fact that I’m reflecting on the end of the blog four days before the end.  I couldn’t even wait until day 30.

The second thing I’ve learned is that those who write have to see the world a different way.  In the course of writing this blog, i tried to come up with inspiring things every day and found it pretty gosh darn difficult.  I even tried to reading other blogs and listening to comedians.  I tried to get inside their heads and see the world the way they did, and it was an interesting journey.  Good humor bloggers have a niche, they have a perspective that is not only unique to them, but it uniquely expresses ideas about things that are common.  Let’s be honest.  There isn’t too much new stuff out there.  The only thing we have that is truly our own is our perspective.

The third thing I’ve learned is that good writing takes time.  Good writing isn’t something that is “fit in” at the end of the day, but rather guides the evening and sometimes, most of the day.  When I have a good idea, I have to create time to shape and craft it into what I want it to be, I need no less than enough time.  Good writing demands that space be made for it, bad writing demands for me to “get it over with”, which is a completely different mentality.

End of story: Will I continue blogging past the 30 days?  Yes.  Will it be every day?  I like you all too much to do that 🙂


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