Day 30: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over (but now it is)

I have blogged for thirty days.  They were not consecutive all the time since life has a way of getting in the way and I discovered Downton Abbey and recipes I needed to try.  But the last thirty days have been good ones.  I discovered I’m not the writer I thought I was, and mostly, I’ve discovered that the only way to have more write about is to lead a more interesting life. The only times I rushed home to open up a new blog is when I did something interesting with my day, which sadly was not every day or even more than a few days a week.

I came across an interesting movement called Hopeprint after following a Twitter picture of a friend and read all about an organization in Syracuse dedicated to helping refugees transition.  I wondered what it would be like to give time and energy to something like this.  I thought “what if I tutored here and worked at Starbucks” rather than seek with all of my might a teaching job that never seems to come my way no matter how hard I try.

I have in the last few months developed an obsession with making things to eat.  I went to a Super Bowl party this past Sunday simply for the excuse to make snack food for friends.  I look forward to every small group with great anticipation wanting to make a dish to pass.  When my boyfriend (now fiance) visits, I delight in putting together meals for the weekend.  I wonder if perhaps cooking will not be so exciting when I have to do it every day for a family, and truthfully I’m not sure, but I think I will like it still.  Then again, I thought I would like doing this blog.

In the end, I believe that self-discovery is important, and everyone has a different way of going about it.  One thing is clear though, a boring life makes for boring writing.  That being said, I’ll stop torturing you all.


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